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Nature is so complex that its phenomena sometimes seem random and inexplicable. The role of science is to characterise these phenomena and explain them with some unchanging truths. Science is thus what attempts to characterise nature and its events with a set of laws that hold good under all conditions.

Vedic astrology is unaccountably old, and the reason it lives today is that there has not been any instance when the laws of astrology have not been able to accurately unearth the past, explain the present and predict the future of humanity. It would therefore be apt to call it the Science of Life. Today, astrology remains the most highly studied and understood parts of the vedas.

The vedas proclaim that the "World is one family" - "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam".

Like the vedas, which ran through the length and breadth of civilized society once, uniting it into one large family, the internet is one tool that promises to wipe out all barriers that ever existed in humanity.

Reason enough for this portal on Jyotisha Shastra - or Josiyam.


Welcome to josiyam.com.

V. Subramaniam

Your astrologer at josiyam.com


This site is meant for you if you:

1. want to consult a vedic astrologer - you might like to look at the services offered in this site.

2. want to gain some knowledge about the ancient Indian science of Vedic Astrology (Josiyam and its methods)

3. want to find out what the future holds for you (please look at offered services)

4. want to find a solution to any problem that opresses you - (please look at the offered services).

5. want to rectify past mistakes you might have committed and wnat to face the future with a light heart (please look at the offered services ).

6. want to start appreciating the unity of all beings in the cosmos.

or if you are simply curious, I am sure there must be something here for you too.


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